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This would be Grant. No really.the alternative feeder fansite.  an excuse to be shit and claim it's part of the design.That's Taka to you, and Taka to me. Indeed.

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That's Taka to you, and Taka to me. Indeed.
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May 2005 - Hello (yet) again.

Updates to site due soon.

25.11.03 - Hello again.

What a year. Not a particularly great one, but nevertheless, what a year. It's seen Feeder bounce back in the charts with a release of a good (but perhaps not wholly splendiferous) album, and there's been wars here and there and lots of unsavourary acts of terrorism, none of which Feeder had any direct involvement with so I'm not sure why I'm mentioning that. Oh, and it was to see the return of the Feeder Mecca (which co-incidently is now 6 years old since September !!), except my computer had a coronary and died on me. Unfortunately it left me with little in it's will: a few parts of no real use and a hard disk that is permanently buggered, taking with it the entire Feeder Mecca archives dating back to 2000. (Fortunately the older stuff is secure on another hard disk, except it's not installed on this machine at the mo.) So anyway, the future of the Feeder Mecca looked even more shakey thanever, with all my work gone into some kind of bastard data black hole, never to be seen again. However, as you can see, I've started to work on the site again. No poxy hard disk crash is going to shut this site down again!*

I'd be lying if I told you to expect the site to return with this feature and that feature and that it would be ready by next week. I'll just do what I always do - tell you that the Mecca is returning and to wait until then. Other than that, that's all I got to say for now. But do check out our FORUM, it's the most happening place on the entire internet**.

*Possible lie, do not quote me on that, or else.
** Another possible lie. Depends on opinions beyond the control of those associated with the Mecca site.

Feederweb - The Official Feeder site.

- Worth a look. Two if you're keen. Multiple if you're greedy.
- Newly renevated, complete with that 'still fresh' paint smell. Lovely.
The Feeder Underground
- Feeder mp3s and videos here, as well as er... some text and more mp3s.
The Feeder Anorak
- No actual anoraks sadly, but lots of information on Feeder's releases.

Jon Lee Tribute
- The Feeder Mecca's Tribute to Jon Lee of Feeder who died in January of 2002.

- It's fun, it's funky and it's cretin-free (unless you happen to be a cretin who goes there).

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- Back to the headquarters.

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"If I had just said that, you'd think I was being rude." - Collie ([email protected])

The Feeder Mecca - established 1997, open for business, about once in a blue moon